10 Best Las Vegas Travel Tips for Hoover Dam

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Tour Packages:
Hoover Dam Classic Tour: https://goo.gl/J3fqSj
Hoover Dam Express: https://goo.gl/sBGnhd
Hoover Dam VIP Tour: https://goo.gl/H1tLN3
West Rim and Hoover Dam Combo Tour: https://goo.gl/6WH8Nk

Top 10 Tips:
1. Go to view points before you get to the dam
2. Visit the Mike O’Callaghan鈥揚at Tillman Memorial Bridge
3. There is a mandatory security check point on the road before entering the dam area
4. Park on the Arizona side of the state line to park for free!
5. No dogs (or pets in general) are allowed on the dam, bridge or trails (service dogs exempt)
6. Hoover Dam can be a very budget friendly activity
7. If you have the budget, I suggest doing the full one hour dam tour
8. Forgot food? It’s ok. There are (limited) food options available on site
9. Go on a weekday, and not in the summer time
10. Read the dam history signs that are all around to learn more about the project.

Today we are at the Hoover Dam in Boulder City, on the Nevada and Arizona state line. This is a fun thing to do when on vacation in Las Vegas. How far is Hoover Dam from Las Vegas by car? It’s about a 45 minute drive from the strip to Hoover Dam. It’s a great place to go solo, with your friends, or bring the kids along so the whole family can enjoy! Today I’m giving you my top 10 tips to have the best experience possible at Hoover Dam!

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Author: Johnni Washington

10 thoughts on “10 Best Las Vegas Travel Tips for Hoover Dam

  1. I wish for one day they would re-name this Jean Claude Van so it’ll be the Jean Claude Van DAM! LOL

  2. Having seen the Chevy Chase film “Vegas Vacation” I can’t resist writing this – thanks for the dam video. I appreciate the dam travel tips.

  3. The Hoover Dam is nearly 100 years old, as it was built in the early 1930s.
    There are some good videos on YouTube showing the construction of the dam, and the crazy stuff the workers did. One video shows a cabless chain driven dump truck driver backwards, on his knees in the driver’s seat, and steering with his feet!

  4. Hopefully when I go to the hoover Dam everyone is park on the Arizona side. That way I can have the whole parking lot on the Nevada side all for myself even if I have to pay the 10 bucks I don’t mind lol

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