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Shirley Temple warned us, “If you eat too much, you’ll awake with a tummy ache. But when is abdominal pain serious enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room?

Quite often patients arrive at the ER complaining of a pain in their stomach. Sometimes the cause of this pain is serious enough to warrant a visit to us and other times perhaps a doctor’s visit could have been avoided. Here are a few instances where a trip to Elite Medical Center in Las Vegas is a good idea.

If your pain is so severe that you cannot stand up straight you should take a trip to the ER.
If this is a new pain, there is a chance your pain can be the result of appendicitis. Normally appendicitis pain will begin around the epigastric area or belly button and migrate to the lower right of your abdomen over time. Without antibiotics and surgery, or with significant delays in treatment, the potential for serious infection, sepsis, or even death is high.

Pain in the right upper abdomen could also be the result of gallstones. Typically this would occur after eating, especially greasy or fatty foods. But the result with this condition is the same…A trip to the ER for bloodwork and imaging studies.

When it comes to abdominal issues you literally have to listen to your gut. If the pain is abnormally intense and feels as though you need help immediately, then seek immediate help.
Other key indicators are symptoms that accompany the pain in your abdomen. If you experience any of the following along with the pain emergency care may be necessary:
An inability to eat without vomiting
Difficulty breathing or chest pain
Irregular heartbeat
A feeling of lightheadedness or that you could faint
Dark, black or bloody stool
Vomiting blood

Another thing to keep in mind is that certain people in certain conditions are also at higher risk and should make a visit to the ER as well.
For Example:
Individuals who recently had an endoscopy or abdominal surgery
Women who are pregnant or who could be pregnant
Individuals over age 45 experiencing upper abdominal pain or tightness in the chest (may indicate a heart attack)
Individuals who have undergone gastric bypass surgery
While this is just a quick overview I hope it is helpful in assisting you in making the decision of whether or not to come and see us here at Elite Medical Center. And of course, always remember that visiting us means you will be seen quickly and treated by real ER doctors, really fast.
I and our team of doctors and nurses are available and here to help you 24/7. We are a part of the community and your health is important to us

Author: Johnni Washington