Alexis Chateau: Exploring Las Vegas, Nevada

In 2017, the travel bans ruined my international travel plans, including my plans to return home for the first time in two years (I still haven’t!). After much deliberation, I decided to risk a trip to Vegas to see one of my best friends, Tristan. I also met our mutual friends Ericson Quero and Daniel Vu while I was there.

This was the trip that started everything. Ever since this visit to Vegas, Tristan and I have been taking trips twice a year together, and then some on our own. Our next planned stop is the Maldives.

All our trips are booked by 1 View Point, LLC: We did not receive payment to include this information here or in the video. They’re just that awesome.

Vloggers: Alexis Chateau, Tristan O’Bryan, Ericson Quero
Video Editing: Google & Alexis Chateau

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Author: Johnni Washington

2 thoughts on “Alexis Chateau: Exploring Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Love this video. Lived and worked in Vegas for three years before moving back to New York City . Love visiting there. I go every June for the NHL hockey awards . It’s my 1B favorite city . Boston is 1A btw. Love that you guys did so much and stayed in Downtown Las Vegas . So many visitors don’t realize how inexpensive it is and you can get to the Las Vegas Strip by public transportation . Thanks again

    1. I had an amazing time in Vegas! I loved it so much I convinced my parents to go the following year and they absolutely loved it, too. It’s so beautiful there and the trails are truly challenging. Atlanta trails became a walk in the park (LITERALLY! 馃槄) after hiking in Vegas.

      Thanks for watching and taking the time to leave me such a nice comment. I’ll be posting more of these from our other trips, so feel free to subscribe so you can see them. 馃檹

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