BNN Update on Rosie’s Las Vegas Trip

Goodnight to all you good Youtubers out there.

Author: Johnni Washington

12 thoughts on “BNN Update on Rosie’s Las Vegas Trip

  1. The real tragedy here is the insult to genetic women by calling that creepy amalgam a “her”. Sadly, like most mentally ill people that metamorphosis, he cant stay away from the beer. It helps hide the shame and pain of his past. I contacted his brother on facebook not long ago and asked him if the family would consider having an intervention for his sister Rosie. He said he had no sister.. or brother. So I guess they gave up on him just like his mother and father did

    1. Holy Fck! LMMFAO, so Herman’s own brother doesn’t even consider him human, LMAO

  2. Rosie had the quickest turn around of going back to Vegas, ever. Could it be love with dee dub and is there a threesome in the future with rosie, dee dub and elbo? Three d icks in a bag. Not surprised rosie offered him a beer. Rosie has crashed a memorial service, a wedding and now an AA meeting.

  3. I can’t fathom why people are surprised by her actions. This is the same woman that drunkenly stumbled into a memorial for a person who died ( remember Stewieeeeeeeee? )and acted like it was his fucking birthday party. When someone politely asked her to GTFO, she went off on her. Everyone SWORE they were done with Rosie after that, but they all crawl back to their ‘lovely, sweet, kind-hearted’ Rosie eventually….

  4. So, we have a guy walking around with fake tits, a dick, in a bikini with his junk poking out. At what point would anyone think he’d have good judgment or give a fuck ??

  5. Some people just do not care and don’t understand the concept of boundaries.

  6. Why do you insist on using terms like “Her” and “She”? That twig and berries tucked behind the G string is natural. If you do not go through what a natural woman does you are just a man with tits. Rosie is a degenerate sociopath, He will do anything to get what He wants even if it means exploiting the less fortunate or keeping company with losers. I will never understand why anyone would follow Him, i did for a little while until He started to get worse and worse with the bad behavior. I bet more than half of His subs are bought.

  7. Yawl forget those plastic tits n wig are just props, he’s a nasty old man who wouldn’t get away with that shit without the T girl card we see so often played. True fucking Story!

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