DJI Spark in Las Vegas!

We recently took a trip to Las vegas to visit family and we took the DJI Spark along. This is a quick flight in Summerlin, the residential part of Las Vegas.

While you cannot get the Spark from DJI anymore I found some available on Amazon:
Here is a combo with extra batteries:
Speaking of Batteries:
Spark charging station:
Spark Charging Hub:
OTG Cable:
Spark props:

Canon M50 camera:
GoPro Hero 7 Black:
DJI links:
DJI Summer Sale:
DJI Osmo pocket:
DJI Osmo Action:

Author: Johnni Washington

20 thoughts on “DJI Spark in Las Vegas!

  1. Nice footage from the Spark and a nice looking residential area. It seems to me that the Spark had entered into Class D airspace as denoted by the messages that popped up on the screen. I think the restricted zone then would not allow the RTH because the Spark was actually in the restricted airspace. Just my thoughts on it. Nice and steady camera work from Sara!

  2. Thumbs up ere’ Marcus & Sara, fellow Drone Seekers – many thanks for the shout out and support – great job with the Spark – love that drone – many thanks for sharing 馃檪

  3. when trying to land on your hand, you should turn the drone around, with its rear facing you so that it wont activate the obstacle avoidance.

  4. Beautiful scenery.The loss of signal and refusal to follow rth command is worrisome. Has the Spark given you problems before?

  5. It looks like an awesome community. I’ve been to Las Vegas, but only the strip and airport. And sorry about the the issues on your flight, were you using wifi or the OTG cable. I haven’t had much luck getting my Spark out beyond 1000 feet, usually the FPV goes on me. You had some pop messages I have never seen before. I will have to charge up my battery’s and take the Spark up for a beginning of summer flight.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I was using an OTG cable Ron. I’m not sure what was going on there. There were some weird pop up messages for sure.

  6. Absolutely amazing Lovely place I really appreciate it that you took the time to share this video with us.

    1. Thank you Chris. I wanted to show a perspective of Las Vegas that most people don’t get to see.

  7. Nice. We were in Las Vegas about 3 weeks ago and drove around Summerlin. It looked like a nice area. You’re correct, Mt. Charleston still has snow and they have a ski area, about 9-10,000 feet elevation. It was in the mid 50’s there but 95 on the strip. I flew my new Mavic 2 Pro at Red Rock Canyon.

    1. I wanted to get out to the Red Rocks but ran out of time. It sounds like you were able to do some exploring.

  8. Beautiful scenery Marcus.That was a great recovery ! Any idea what may have caused this ?

    1. Thank you, I only have theories Bill. 1. We were down in a hole, did this have enough of an effect to cause the issues? 2. It was over 100 degrees. Did the drone overheat? 3. Was it just an app problem? I’m charging a battery and will fly the Spark again today.

  9. Hi again 馃檪 here in Sweden it is Midsummer and we eat sill and surstromming today 馃檪
    Swedish custom is holding my Fimi X8 Se 馃え but soon I will get it. Please make a video with the new firmware on the fimi, they say it will fix the gimble problem!?

    Best regards from Sweden and Happy Midsummer 馃檪

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