Famiy Vacation Yammo’s in Las Vegas! Part 1 AMWF travel vlog

We went on a family vacation to Las Vegas!!!! We encountered unrealistic body images in the m&ms store, and got into hyper silly mode as we explored the strip! Lots of fun things to do with kids in Vegas! Be sure to watch from 15:32 to 16:34 for our special Christmas greeting to you, our beloved fans! #amwf #wethekims #arenthappy #butwewearhappinesswithpride #happinessisgood #bewarefalseprophets

Author: Johnni Washington

12 thoughts on “Famiy Vacation Yammo’s in Las Vegas! Part 1 AMWF travel vlog

  1. This video sucks..wayyy too happy. Being happy is bad! And it was so funny and not bland enough like “we the kims”! No one even mentioned once that they were a vegetarian! I want my 17min back!!

    1. The Kerman Show 😂🤣😂 Only We the Kimplainers” could find something wrong with happiness 😂🤣😂

  2. Viva Las Vegas!!! I was just there the last week of November. Vegas is only a 3.5 hour drive from my home in SoCal. I’m not rich enough to stay at the Bellagio but I have stayed at the GARBAGEO. It’s a budget hotel and instead of the famous dancing fountain at the Bellagio, the Garbageo has lawn sprinklers that turn on in the morning. Where’s “circle…circle…circle” in Vegas?!

    1. !!!!! That is too crazy!!! Welp, hope you had fun!! I’m sure one day our paths shall cross again 😊😊

    2. +Yammo and Debo OMG! No freakin way! I was there Sunday November 25th through Tuesday November 27th. We were in the same city! What a small world.

    3. Kevin P !!!! What!?!?! We were there at the same time!!!! 25th to 30th of November!!!dangit! We coulda met you! Garbagio Hahahahhaaa!! We stayed at the Luxor. Just wandered through Bellagio. Circle is coming for you in part 3 😉😉😉

    1. Words with Winos Travel Vlog Thanks!!! It was very different going with family, but still so fun! We have more videos coming with more of the activities we did while we were there, so stay tuned! Thanks for watching 😊😊😊

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