Girls trip to Vegas? Watch This First!

Are you planning a girls trip to Vegas? Watch this video first. Las Vegas is a ton of fun but you do need to be safe. I wanted to share my experiences and thoughts because I think as women, we need to be prepared. What are your thoughts on all this?


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8 thoughts on “Girls trip to Vegas? Watch This First!

  1. Mine was the first comment and Tina mentioned my comments thrice in the live stream. My entire life is made😀😀😀

  2. You don’t even have to get drugged…unlimmeted drinks will also impair your judjment, and the men you’re at the table with. Not to mention the fact that the men probably felt like they “paid for you”

  3. Good advice for all young women who attend clubs, parties, regardless of being Vegas . . . wow, even when you are traveling with a group of strong women!!!

  4. Keep_it_up!!! you_can_watch_a_video_on_my_channel_if_you_need_a_free_music_to_add_sound_to_your_videos.

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