7 thoughts on “Happy 馃 Day! Girls Trip to Las Vegas with Big Sis.

  1. Hello to your big sis..(she is concentrating on the road Vicky) that Is so sweet of her..
    You two will have a ball..
    Have fun…enjoy …relax

  2. Don’t focus on the lack because it increases it. Whatever funds you have are enough because you’re on your way there. I moved to Vegas without ever having been there. All my needs were met.

  3. I lived in Las Vegas from 2012-2015 and loved it. In fact, I’m in preparing to move back in 2019! It’s a beautiful city! Have an amazing time with your sissy!

    1. Unencumbered Nomad Niccceee she did also. She’s a massage therapists there. I’m so excited. Yaaayyyy

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