How Full-time RVers Do Las Vegas | Ep.29

We were so excited to meet up with some fellow RVers in Las Vegas!

Ace and I (plus Polly the Pug) are rving full time in our 17’ Casita Freedom deluxe. We officially hit the road on February 8, and have been going ever since. Ace and I LOVE Las Vegas, NV. We are both gamblers and enjoy all the fine dining, but this time around is a little different. This is our first trip to Las Vegas in our Casita Travel Trailer. We also have a lot smaller budget than we’re used to because we a full-timing it.

We were super excited to get a call from Corey and Daniel (@Joyous Voyagers) saying they were in the area and would like to spend a couple of days with us. Danial and Corey had never had the “full” Vegas experience and asked if we could show them around a bit.

Now I know there are SO many things to do in Vegas, but you have to remember, both of us couples are on smaller budgets. Ace and I decided to Corey and Daniel to some of our favorite “budget friendly” spots. We first enjoyed Happy Hour at Davidoff of Geneva Cigar bar. The drinks are half off and ladies get 2 free glasses of champagne. Second, we found a Travel Zoo Deal for Sake Rok locate at the Park. The deal was for $75 you got $125 food voucher for up to 4 people.

Lastly, we headed to Ellis Island Casino and Brewery located just one block off the strip. At Ellis Island, they have good house made beers for cheap. You can even get a full steak dinner for $10 if you’re so inclined. In the end we had a great time with new friends in Las Vegas, without hurting the pocket book. If you’re interested, I’ve included links to the places we visited.

Davidoff of Geneva Cigar Bar

Sake Rok

Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

Don’t forget to check out Danial and Corey’s YouTube Channel!!!!!

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Author: Johnni Washington