Las Vegas 2018 trip and attraction vlog

This was our 3 day trip to Las Vegas. Hope you Enjoy!!

We stayed at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino!!

We went to 5 attractions while in vegas:
Voodoo Zipline
Eiffel Tower
High Roller
Bellagio Fountain Show

Thanks for Watching!!

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Author: Johnni Washington

25 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2018 trip and attraction vlog

    1. Thanks jason!! That was actually all in a day and a half. We were only in vegas for a weekend, but did as much as we could in the time we had! Thanks for watching!!

  1. We went did the voodoo ziplining in Vegas too, you guys handled it great! Lol Dope channel! Just subbed!

    1. Appreciate that bro!! She handled it way better than I did. That will be my last time on that thing!! Lol

    1. Thank you so much. We appreciate the love! Stay tuned gotta another trip in a few months!!

    1. Lol if you stay at the stratosphere it’s free. You just have to pay for the rides. It was $15 pp when I went last February. Amazing views in the day and night time!

  2. Love your video. I go to Vegas a lot and God Willing now that they have a hockey team there I’m hoping to go more. How long do y’all stay in Vegas ? I’ve stayed a week but that’s not long enough. How was the Stratosphere and do you go Downtown

    1. Ive been to vegas three times and can only bring myself to stay for only four days max. We always manage to run through alot of money! We love going to the top of the stratosphere and seeing all of vegas, night and day. We have done Hoover dam and grand canyon tours that pick us up from the hotel. But going downtown to fremont street at night has got to be at the top of our list of things to do!

    1. Thats what all three trips to vegas were for us. A kid free getaway!!! Lol.. definitely not a place to stay for a long period of time but definitely a fun place to visit. Yes we plan all our trips solo!

    2. We have never been and we were just thinking of a quick getaway from the kids lol. Did yall plan everything on your own?

  3. Looks like you guys hit all of the high points in Vegas (literally, lol). Great vlog!

    1. JacobslifeinVegas LOL. I didnt even think about that, but we did hit all the high points!! Haha. Thank you for watching

    1. If youre gonna drink, neither..cabs are the way to go aftter a nite out, but during the day I always drove a rental car, nice to be able to just hop in the car n go casino hopping or going off the strip shopping or exploring, breakfast places n stuff, highly recommend Jamms!

    2. jdav12377 it all depends on where you are staying. If you are more centralized on the strip and down mind walking then I would just take a uber if needed and use the monorail system. Anything outside of vegas they have tours that will pick you up from the hotel and drop you back off at the same place. I only see the need for a uber or taxi if your going to fremont street or going to the opposite side of the strip.

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