NAB Convention Las Vegas 2019 – Where Content is Life

Hot off the heels from our trip to Las Vegas for the mega NAB Conference for all things video, content, broadcasting and industry tech, I’m really excited to give you my wrap up of where marketing is right now and heading into the future. How we used to do things is NOT how we do it now. Interruption marketing (a lot of paid advertising) is largely ignored. It’s now viewed as invasive bordering on obnoxious. People like to choose the way they consume their information, and paid advertising just isn’t believable anymore.
BUT… creating well-meaning, helpful and unique content is definitely where marketing is right now, and if your business doesn’t have a strategy around this, you could be really left behind.
The conference’s tagline ‘where content creates life’, couldn’t describe better how business’ should be viewing their marketing and the way we all need to connect with our audience.
This is where so many businesses get it wrong. We are so obsessed with ‘selling’ by shouting at our audience in an effort to get across how good we are and sharing all the great features and benefits of our products and services.
What we forget is the one really important ingredient we need to ensure that a customer will trust us and like us enough to buy from us.
And that is to connect with our audiences on an emotional level so they really feel that we understand them.
And I mean… really… connect.
To have no doubt in their mind that you are the best person at what you do. You do not get that connection from placing an ad in an industry publication because it’s just not believable.

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Author: Johnni Washington