Neel’s Vlog 003 – Trip to LA & Vegas. Mortgage Loan Officer & Realtor Marketing.

Check out my next day in the life vlog. In this episode, I tale a quick trip to Los Angeles to meet with my friend Albert Preciado and then we take a quick flight to Las Vegas to meet with my boss Chris Biaggi at our corporate HQ. Content from these two specific meetings are in separate videos on my channel.

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I am Neel Dhingra , a mortgage banker and real estate investor in Nevada. I love helping clients and business partners. I will be posting valuable content about how I help people and some fun stuff along the way. Thanks for checking out my video & channel.
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Author: Johnni Washington

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  1. Nice Video Need Dhingra. Positive feedback for this video. Meeting with CEO of AWM Company was a good experience. This channel will go forward because this is a new thing on this channel. Marketing.

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