Parallel time travel video, showing Las Vegas in 1988 and 2019

I made a video 31 years ago, driving down the Las Vegas strip.
Instead of boring you with the typical driving around Vegas video, I decided to make it a bit more interesting by also showing the strip as it is today in 2019.

The videos will be displayed side by side so that you can see the many changes that have occurred.

To spice this video up even more, I’ve included brief clips of some of the properties being imploded and clips of some of the Vegas shows that were displayed on the marquees of the hotels in 1988.

A little bit of background info on the 1988 video: I filmed this with a handheld 1987 Sears Solid State VHS Movie camera. (525 lines/60 fields/3O frames)

Due to the size of the recorder, you must hold the camera on your shoulder to support the weight of the recorder. The quality of this video is not the greatest, and the video shots were done by me; very much an amateur (then and now).

I’ve cut out the video shots where I am swinging the camcorder from one side of the strip to the other and omitted any blurred or personal shots of my family. I’ve also stabilized the 1988 video as best as I can, but some shots are still a bit shaky.

The new 2019 video was recorded using my dash cam mounted on the windshield of my car. This video shows both sides of the strip at the same time.

Enjoy this trip back 31 years, on the Las Vegas Strip.

Author: Johnni Washington