Sky Pod at The Strat | Peppermill | Things to do in Las Vegas

Today we take a trip to the North Side of the Las Vegas Strip. We grabbed a bite to eat at the one and only Peppermill, then we head down to “The Strat” and take a trip UP to the Sky Pod. One of the best views in Las Vegas and a must do in town.

Hi! I’m Dani. My channel is made just for fun to get me out of the house, go on adventures, and discover new things. My content will mostly be about Las Vegas history and modern attractions since that’s where I live. I don’t intend to be a review channel, I just love to learn and explore. I might head to a resort, a tourist spot, a historic site, or a random roadside attraction. I will do my best to get my information correct. I also try to keep things positive and family friendly for viewers of all ages. Hopefully, I will be traveling to more places in the near future. Thanks for watching!

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Author: Johnni Washington

10 thoughts on “Sky Pod at The Strat | Peppermill | Things to do in Las Vegas

  1. A strip club masquerading as a restaurant. That is an accurate description of Peppermill. Enormous food portions.

  2. Dani good job on your latest video. The Peppermill is as iconic as Vegas it self. Unfortunately the best French Dip sandwich is located in Los Angeles. Next time you and your husband are in Los Angeles check out Philippe the Original. 1001 North Alameda Los Angeles, CA. This place has been an LA institution for over 100 years. So don’t give up on roast beef sandwiches.

  3. Wanted to do the Peppermill lastyear, but never made it there, hopefully next March can finally goto Peppermill

  4. I lived there in 2016 and they said Resort World would be done by 2018 … they just got started

  5. Holy cow definite too high for me , Do you remember when it was called Bob stupak Vegas world ? That was quite some time ago also have now added the pepper mill to my to-do list next time I’m there , Maybe if Eddie added some cheese to his sandwich it may have hit the spot possibly, anyway great video guys thank you 馃憤

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