Starrcast II/Las Vegas weekend!

Vlog from the super fun trip to Las Vegas for Starrcast II!

Author: Johnni Washington

8 thoughts on “Starrcast II/Las Vegas weekend!

  1. Awesome vlog, you and Vel have some pretty awesome twin sister magic except you’re not twins at all, so that’s cool, Double or Noting was amazing can’t disagree, the fountains were great and I would have watched Starrcast but I couldn’t because it was really expensive, like $100 USD, thats like $700 dollars here in my country, but I got pics and saw tweets and I read about it.
    So glad you had a good time, both you and Velvet and it was great seeing you two as wrestling fans cause most of the times you all are performing.
    Love that you care so much about your kid, and it shows that you miss him alot. I respect wrestlers who can balance their life on the road and a family too because it’s hard you know.

  2. I love your vlogs. When are you gonna have your debut match for Ring of Honor?

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