Taking Aging Parents to Las Vegas! (From Hawaii to Las Vegas)

As your parents get older, develop ailments and come down with physical and mental illnesses and challenges, their ability and physical strength are very limited when it comes to travel and taking trips. For Hawaii people, although Hawaii has eight main islands, they call Las Vegas the ninth island because so many people go to Las Vegas. Young adults and seniors, all love Las Vegas. One reason is that most love to gamble, but also the trip packages you can get from Hawaii to Las Vegas are very reasonable and include 5 nights hotel, flight, and three meals daily, as well as transportation to and from the Las Vegas airport. The reason the package is so cheap is that the majority of the people will donate to the hotel’s casinos. For seniors in Hawaii, it is by far the most favorite destination. Especially when one has some kind of illness or injury that limit movement and the ability to walk far, the three Sam Boyd Hotels in Downtown Las Vegas are ideal for seniors. Everything from restaurants, bars, casinos, and souvenir shops are within walking distance. If you don’t lose at the casino, the package is the best deal in town! And for adult children or caregivers, taking your senior parents or relatives to Las Vegas is the most convenient since everything is included and close by. The challenge for the children/caregivers is being able to take care of the daily needs of the seniors, whether it is giving them a bath, taking them to the bathroom at nights, making sure they get all of their medication correctly, and that they are safe while in Las Vegas. In this video, some past experiences are shared to help people who may be thinking of taking their aging parents to Las Vegas. If you are interested in other videos on Japan and travel by Mike Matsuno: http://goo.gl/vmWdMi

Author: Johnni Washington