Test Driving Electric Cars In Las Vegas with Guy Branum | The New American Road Trip (Episode 2)

The journey continues with comedian JC Coccoli leading the ‘The New American Road Trip’ to one of the most power hungry cities in the United States. And no we’re not talking about Washington D.C., but the city of lights, sin, and some of the best entertainment in the nation, Las Vegas.

This week she is joined by her comedian friend Guy Branum for a comedy pit stop in a place that should be a desert, but instead is the go to place to see a Cirque du Soleil show. Guy takes us on a test drive of an electric car and reminds us that the city of sin is less than sinful when it comes to utilizing clean energy.

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Author: Johnni Washington

5 thoughts on “Test Driving Electric Cars In Las Vegas with Guy Branum | The New American Road Trip (Episode 2)

  1. After watching this video a few times now, the question comes to mind.. why on earth are we still driving on oil… imagine how enviromentally safe these cars would be.
    No more polution at all, i hope in the near future we all can drive these cars.

    1. There simply isn’t enough being done and there are laws in place that are a hindrance as well, for example you cannot own and insure an electric car in some places w/o a power station at your home, and new homes arent being build with them included. Very frustrating.

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