Top 3 Best Airlines For Flights to Las Vegas 2019

Today’s video is about the best airlines in 2019 for flights to and from Las Vegas. This was a survey that I conducted with my subscribers to see which airlines they like the most when going on a vacation to Las Vegas. People mentioned factors like number of direct flights, leg room, rewards programs, service and price as some of the factors that went into their decision on the topic. Most of the respondents were Americans, but there were some who live in Canada and the United Kingdom. Some people provided additional comments about how cheap the cost of round trip flights were on some of their Vegas vacations. Since McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, it was fun to see how people responded to this Las Vegas travel question.

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Author: Johnni Washington

10 thoughts on “Top 3 Best Airlines For Flights to Las Vegas 2019

  1. Hi Jabco, I am from the UK I fly with British Airways for last 8 years graet deals on fights and hotel bookings

  2. Coming from Either Mitchell in Milwaukee or O’Hare, I’ve taken American, Frontier and Spirit. American is the best for comfort and you can actually find good fares on American. Last year I paid $200 for me and my husband round trip to Vegas. That’s $100/each. Frontier to me is equal to Spirit. They both have uncomfortable seats that don’t recline back and you have to pay for carry-ons. I refuse to pay for carry-ons so I’ve bought a travel bag. I have not paid for my luggage since.

  3. I am retired living in Las Vegas and in NYC. I fly to and from Vegas to NY and then from NY to Vegas often. I fly United because United is the only airline that has direct flights to Vegas from Newark Airport. Unfortunately United is pricey. They reduce their flights to Vegas to increase the price. Sometimes ONLY two flights a day bringing the cost of a round trip flight as high as $600 RT. Ridiculous. United prices are like the stock market, up and down. Mostly up.

  4. Flew Southwest to Vegas a couple weeks ago – I like Southwest, good service, good pretzels, friendly staff, but they don’t have direct flights from any of my airports, I have to stop in ATL or Denver

  5. American I think is used primarily by business travelers. The company I work for only uses American. But I never used American personally. Especially to Vegas. Only Southwest. Thanks for the great content!

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