I hope you enjoy the final part of my May 2019 Solo trip to Las Vegas!
I loved taking you along on this adventure with me!
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Author: Johnni Washington


  1. Kim… Just wanted to let you know what a difference the Canon has made in your vlogs!! We use the same camera and love it!! Great last day!!

  2. Great vlog, once again Kim! I’ve only been home less than 2 weeks and watching this brings back the urge. I too, am a huge Housewives fan, ( although the Pretty Mess is my least favorite). Next time you must get to Vanderpump’s Cocktail Garden at The Forum Shops. Another hobby we share, delicous cocktails. Spicy cranberry mojito highly recommended. Hope to see another family adventure soon.

  3. Hello Kim. Always enjoy your vlogs, family or solo trips. I started watching a couple of years ago and it was then I considered taking my family to Vegas. So when we go to Vegas who do I see walking but you and your family! I wanted to say hi but thought it was best not to disturb you. Your Vegas tips and suggestions have also worked out great. Look forward to your next trip. Thanks!!

  4. Aww Kim… last days are the worst…. love you and your vlogs… until next time.. much ❤️💕

  5. Already looking forward to your next visit for more vlogs & as I said I would love to see Jacob’s life in Vegas, The Trooper & yourself doing a vlog for UK Vegas visitors

  6. Glad you had such a wonderful time, Kim. Really been a lovely escape from reality following along, and I just wish you had another week or two there to see me through until June 🙂

  7. Awww 🙁😥😭😢 I hate the last day Vegas Vloggity Vlogs. I too hate leaving Vegas. It’s my happy place. YOU do such an amazing job capturing your time in Vegas, from the footage, the comments, the activities, the music and the editing. I again want to say how much I love all your videos, I so look forward to the next Vloggity Vlog!!! Sorry it wasn’t a winning trip, but like you it doesn’t matter in the end….it’s the memories, the moments in Vegas with all the sights and sounds, that’s what matters the most. Thank you Kim for creating great material, don’t ever stop…lol. Until next time, be blessed, take care and don’t let those trolls take any joy from you, those a$$holes are just miserable people. There are tons more of us that absolutely love you and your adorable family 😘😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
    P.S. Loved seeing you with the TROOPER 😁

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