Visiting Las Vegas for the first time Day #1: My Story

In this video I talk about my daily experiences in visiting Las Vegas for the first time AND traveling alone for the first time. I talk about my thoughts and feelings as it comes to being a single traveler. I also speak about my trip to Las Vegas to meet online friends that I have only spoken to through my cell phone. I will be staying with one of these friends during my trip as well. So do follow this series for my day to day thoughts and experiences. This is a continuation from the first video I did about the mindset of relocation which is on my video playlist so do check it out. It was done the morning I was heading to the airport to board the plane. My relocation series is being created to assist anyone else out there that’s looking to relocate to another state, but may have fears to taking that step. Hopefully, my videos can inspire you to do what you feel you need to do.
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Author: Johnni Washington

4 thoughts on “Visiting Las Vegas for the first time Day #1: My Story

  1. Awww, Tonetta, I am so happy that you enjoyed your trip to Las Vegas! Yes, this is an amazing place to Live Your Best Life whereas, you have encouraged me to get out more and explore more. You are always welcome, as you know my door is always open and know life is about living your best life! 🎉 🌴 🙏 ✈ 😀 💕 🌹

    1. I’m glad I’ve encouraged you to start exploring more and I’m sure the kiddos would love that as well. Hey now. Being a tourist in your own town is always awesome.

    2. Hey Sis. Thanks for checking out my video on my Day #1 in Las Vegas. I definitely did enjoy my trip and I’m missing those moutains already. Walked outside today looking for them haha.

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